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  • LiveWedge

    LiveWedge is a video switcher/mixer with 4x HDMI inputs and the ability to broadcast live video simultaneously via the Internet. It can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet via the user friendly control app. Video PinP and chroma key composition are supported as well as standard wipe, fade and cute transitions.

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    LiveShell PRO

    The LiveShell PRO is a high-end wireless video streamer. Video and audio is encoded in h.264 and AAC at 720p resolution and up to 10 mbps bit rate. The replaceable, rechargeable battery allows you to broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection.

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    High quality broadcasting using only your video camera and Liveshell, no PC needed. Simply connect one cable from your camera to the LiveShell to begin broadcasting, get up and running straight away with no need to spend time in device settings or control panels.

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    XON SNOW-1

    SNOW-1 are smart snowboard bindings with a Bluetooth4.0 LE module and sensors that record your ride. Data is measured and accumulated when using SNOW-1 and transmitted to a Bluetooth connected smartphone which allows snowboarders to analyze their rides.

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    OTTO is a smart power strip, the 8 built in power outlets can be connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet and controlled via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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    Hackey is a Wi-Fi connected key switch. This configurable switch allows you to simply and easily control web-based services by just turning the key. Create your own settings and functions to control, the possibilities are endless.

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  • EneBRICK

    EneBRICK is not just a mobile charger but also an adapter to connect your favourite PC keyboard to your tablet via Bluetooth. It has a 6000 mAh battery with 2x USB ports to charge or connect devices.

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